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Discover The True Potential Of Your Business.


We help entrepreneurial CEO's build great companies by providing part-time Chief Financial Officer services.


Whether you run a start-up business that continues to experience growing pains or a middle-market leader in need of higher-level of analytical support, we offer a wide range of services to help your business reach the next level.


Continue reading to learn how we help investors build wealth through their businesses.



What is your business worth?


In order to maximize the value of your business you need to maximize free cash flow, minimize risk and have a realistic expectation of consistent revenue growth in the future.


Keeping in mind the sole purpose of increasing investors' value, we help you establish a strategic plan.  Then we work with your team to build sustainable processes and leverage technology to execute that plan.



Strategic Planning


What are your long-term strategic goals? To collect a stream of retirement income? To sell your business to the highest bidder? To develop a successor that will eventually take over the business?


Whatever your long-term objectives are, we help you achieve them by developing a strategic plan, setting tactics and milestones to measure progress, then building the infrastructure to achieve those goals.


Our hands-on approach, unique skill set and strategic perspective are key ingredients to our proven track record of making businesses more profitable, sustainable and successful.



Process Improvement


Sustainable and efficient processes are the key to any successful operation.


As competition increases, your business must also improve to remain competitive. Sometimes this requires automation of manual processes, while other times it requires a larger-scale project.


We help you evaluate the cost effectiveness of a process redesign, develop a new process and implement those changes.





The impact of recent changes in technology are so profound that even the smallest businesses must adapt to remain competitive.


You need to understand what technology is available and how it can be used in your business.


With our experience in software development, we can help you evaluate your options. Then we help you design and implement software applications as needed.



Financial Analysis


Entrepreneurial CEO's need a higher level of financial management expertise than ever before.


Through a combination of accounting, finance and data analysis, we help entrepreneurs determine what's to come so they can make better decisions.




If you think this may apply to your business and you're interested in a confidential consultation, feel free to call us today.